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Collection of COVID-19 Articles

Identifying the Quality Nuggets Amid the Explosion of COVID-19-Related Scientific Communication: An Insurmountable Challenge?

By Lavi Oud
Journal of Clinical Medicine Research, 2020; 12(10):683-685.

De Novo Urinary Symptoms Associated With COVID-19: COVID-19-Associated Cystitis

By Nivedita Dhar et al
Journal of Clinical Medicine Research, 2020; 12(10):681-682.

Could Estrogen Protect Women From COVID-19?

By Roxanna Pirhadi et al
Journal of Clinical Medicine Research, 2020; 12(10):634-639.

The Points of Action of Drugs for Treating COVID-19

By Hidekatsu Yanai
Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2020; 10(3-4):57-59.

Implications of COVID-19 in Neurological Disorders

By Satish Gaddam.
Journal of Neurology Research, 2020; 10(5):160-163.

Neurologic Compromise in COVID-19: A Literature Review

By Leonardo Jardim Vaz de Mello et al.
Journal of Neurology Research, 2020; 10(5):164-172.

COVID-19-Related Acute Ischemic Stroke in Young Adults: What Is the Optimal Antithrombotic Regimen for Secondary Prevention?

By Fahimeh Vahabizad et al.
Journal of Neurology Research, 2020; 10(5):203-206.

A Case of COVID-19 Failed in Viral Identification but Showed Consistent Host Responses to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2

By Yoshitaka Maeda et al.
Journal of Medical Cases, 2020; 11(10):339-335.