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Clininal Study Reporting Guidelines


Randomized trials (CONSORT)
Observational studies (STROBE)
Systematic reviews (PRISMA)
Case reports (CARE)
Qualitative research (SRQR
Diagnostic / prognostic studies (STARD)
Quality improvement studies (SQUIRE)
Economic evaluations (CHEERS)  
Animal pre-clinical studies (ARRIVE)
Study protocols (SPIRIT)
Clinical practice guidelines (AGREE)


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JCR 2022 Impact Factors

• Gastroenterology Research

• Cardiology Research  1.9
• J of Endocrinol. & Metabol  0.4
World Journal of Oncology  5.2
• Journal of Hematology  1.2
• Journal of Clinical Medicine Research (IF available June 2024)
Journal of Medical Cases (IF available June 2024)

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